Managing Director Tim Toussaint has been in the helicopter leasing and charter business since 2001. Heliports South Africa is developing commercial heliports in strategic locations within the business centres of South Africa.

Currently helicopter operations connecting business centres with airports, construction sites, conference venues, stadiums, etc., are bogged down by the lack of readily available and easily accessible inner cities helipads. Today, charter operators use once-off permits to pick-up VIP passengers from open pieces of land, invariably miles away from the actual business centres. Different from countries like Brazil, South African law stipulates that roof top helipads are only usable for twin engine helicopters, which makes charter prohibitively expensive.

Heliports South Africa is overcoming this apparent dilemma with a new, innovative concept. Our approach to inner city heliports has been developed in close cooperation with with residents, site owners, charter operators and the civil aviation authorities.

Managing Director:
Tim Toussaint, CPL (H)
+27 82 806-9731

Tim Toussaint (MD) on the right, with Claude Vuichard at Heli-Expo in Anaheim, California